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                    2021/10/25/ Hebei Juying Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd Welcome to your visit!

                    Chinese version of the 4 industry stocks fully read: industrial robots, industrial automation
                    data:2016-04-29 views:995

                    OFweek robot news: what is industry 4? In simple terms, industrial 4 is the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing, and it is an era of emphasis on individuality and customization for customers and consumers. There are two main themes: intelligent factories and intelligent production. Industry 1 is the era of mechanical manufacturing, industry 2 is the electrification and automation era, industry 3 is the era of electronic information.
                    For the capital market, the related industries will benefit from the 4 industry: industrial automation, intelligent machine tools, industrial robots, high-end Internet, RFID, sensor, 3D printing, investors can focus on the relevant listed company.
                    Intelligent machine tools:
                    Shenyang machine tool: last October 10th, held in Berlin the seventh session of the Sino German economic forum, the European Group Finance Director Zhang Tianjun on behalf of the Shenyang machine tool group published a report entitled "to go global" keynote speech, a comprehensive introduction to the Shenyang machine tool from the traditional machine manufacturers transition to the industrial and service providers for industry 4 "i5" strategy. Has aroused great interest and identity the German government and the German business representatives.
                    Huazhong CNC: the company said that the United States proposed the industry, the Internet and Germany put forward 4 of the industry, we understand, in essence, is the generation of CNC forward to the intelligent generation. The company has been highly concerned about the development of related technologies, these technologies are still based on the development of numerical control technology, so the company has brought some business opportunities. At the beginning of the year, the new generation of cloud CNC service platform, in fact, is the use of industrial 4 or large data acquisition of such intelligent technology.
                    Other intelligent machine: machine tool, Kunming Tianrun crankshaft, Qinchuan machine etc..
                    Industrial 4 practical applications:
                    Lu Tai A: company for the Ministry of industry and industry in 2014 Internet and industrial integration pilot enterprises, the pilot project is based on virtual fitting and big data technology network customized production system, the typical model for the industry 4.
                    Tongji Science and technology: China's Tongji University and Germany Feinikesi electric lasted 1 years, and jointly built the first "industrial 4 - Intelligent factory laboratory"". In the future, the laboratory will move from concept to engineering practice and to the front line of domestic engineering education. Tongji technology subsidiary, Shanghai Tongji technology transfer service company, specializing in the promotion of scientific research achievements of Tongji University, will be the biggest beneficiary of the replication and promotion of the 4 intelligent factories laboratory in China and germany.

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