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                    2021/10/25/ Hebei Juying Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd Welcome to your visit!

                    EA round sling
                    data:2017-07-31 views:991

                    The round hoisting belt has a maximum load of 3000 tons, effective length to 100 meters, safety factor 6:1, 7:1.

                    Circular lifting belt is high strength polyester industrial filament (PES) was 100%, the internal bearing core surrounded 

                    by using infinite to constitute a cycle, external use 100% PES woven stress of casing for bearing core is protected.

                    Lifting belt is very simple and easy to maintain, the damage caused by impact during the lifting operations, that is a 

                    very common dangerous and EA type hoisting belt under the impact of a strong will only flat cat so risk is zero. If the 

                    sling is badly damaged, it will first be the casing damage from the outside and the core will be exposed, indicating that 

                    the sling has been damaged; Repeated tests have shown that internal damage is not possible without visible external 

                    casing damage. At the same time, if the internal carrying wire is broken, it will be found through the casing. If there 

                    are small cuts on the casing, they can be protected with loose duct tape, so as to avoid further splitting, but you must 

                     carefully check to see if there is any internal calculation that can be used. If there is a big cut in the casing, it must be 

                    checked by our company to see if it can be repaired and used.

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