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                    2021/10/24/ Hebei Juying Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd Welcome to your visit!

                    GCL hand pull trolley
                    data:2017-07-31 views:945

                    The hand-pull single track is driven by hand chain, walking on the lower edge of the steel frame, which can be composed of 

                    a bridge, single beam or cantilever crane. Widely applicable to factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc., 

                    monorail car used to install the machinery, equipment, lifting goods, monorail trolley is especially suitable for no power site 

                    operation. The applicable tonnage is mainly: 0.5 T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 20T, 30T, 50T.

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